Why Choose Brooke?

If there is one thing that lights up my soul and is my purpose for being, it is this: to see the pure love that you are, as well as to help you learn and transform whatever is getting in the way of that love.

My work as a therapist is to continually hone my knowledge of the body and evidence-based modalities for healing pain and trauma. My work as a healer is to maintain a strong connection with Spirit so that I can help facilitate a process of love to release and learn. It is about going to the silent level of the body, where trauma is stored, that it is important to heal. Attention at this level is key.

I am an intuitive practitioner and have a deep understanding of one’s emotional and energetic body, while my work is practical and studied for real healing all the way to the physical. If you are recovering from an injury, struggling with an illness or emotionally difficulty, or simply looking to feel better in an over-stimulating world, I am here to help. Now, more then ever, we need to find ways to release trauma from the body so we can maintain our vitality and connection to life.

To schedule an appointment at ECETI Ranch, or for questions, email brooke@adobewellness.com.