Adobe Wellness was born out of my lifelong passion to nurture my home — body, mind and soul — in order to live as close to my vital essence as possible. As someone who is walking this path in my own life, I am committed to sharing it and supporting others in their own journey.

As a young girl I found that I could feel what others were feeling, and I discovered that many people held deep wells of pain and trauma within them. Sometimes the pain would sit side-by-side with their brilliance, but often, the pain would become so overwhelming that their essential light was diminished. It was at that time that I knew I wanted to go into the healing arts and explore how we can be transformative with the pain that we experience, however it shows up. What I knew then, and still know, is that we are not broken. We are whole. Adobe Wellness is named after the need I see at the core of every symptom — to welcome the pain and trust the inner journey into our depths, to love who we are every step of the way, so we can be at home within ourselves and bring forward the light of our soul.

I have spent my life learning and exploring various forms of wellness, spirituality, consciousness, yoga, meditation and healing. I’ve worked closely with several masters who helped me to hone my healing gifts and presence. After years of practicing energy healing privately with clients, I went back to school to become a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner. I immersed myself in human anatomy, herbal medicine, Massage and CranioSacral therapy. I graduated from Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in Escondido, CA in 2016 with over 1000 hours of training, including: Shiatsu, Tui Na, Thai Massage, Lymph Drainage, and Swedish Massage. I have taken CS1 and CS2 through The Upledger Institute.



— Talking with Angels